17 Apr

What Is A Fuel Injection System?

Fuel Injection System

The fuel injection system is a huge development in automotive engineering since it has to be able to deliver the benefits of making your vehicle less polluting and more fuel efficient. The fuel injectors in your car have a very important role because they are responsible for delivering gasoline to your cars motor.

So exactly what are fuel injectors. Your cars engine uses an internal combustion process to make the power in your motor and the two key ingredients for this is fuel and oxygen. The motor will take the oxygen from the air and fuel from your gas tank. There is an air intake that delivers the air to the motor and a fuel injection system that will deliver the gasoline. Since your car has a limited amount of gas, your engine is going to use it efficiently and must apply the right amount of gas to mix with the oxygen. Since the oxygen is constantly changing, the fuel injection system must be always changing the amount of gas it delivers to the motor in order not to waste any of it.

What is the role of the fuel injectors? Your fuel injectors in your car play a very important part in the motors fuel delivery system. It must deliver the exact amount of gasoline that is required by the motor, even when the car requires quick and constant shifts from one situation to the next. A fuel injector is a valve with electronic controls that will receive signals from the engine computer system. The pump in your gas tank will deliver the pressurized gasoline to a nozzle in the fuel injector. Once the fuel reaches the fuel injector it will spray a fine mist of gasoline into the motors intake manifold. It will pass through the manifold and is delivered to the engine where it is mixed with the oxygen creating a combustion. By having the gasoline go into the engine in a mist format makes for a more efficient way of burning the gas versus having it go in by a droplet form. The more gasoline the motor requires, the longer the valves in the fuel injector will stay open. Not only does the fuel injection system make your car run more efficiently, it also adds more power to the motor and eliminates vapor lock.