08 Feb

Who Should Perform Service On My Fleet Vehicles?

Fleet of Vans

Your fleet vehicles can be serviced by an in house automotive technician or use an automotive service repair center in your area that specializes in fleet repair servicing.

If you choose to use an in house technician it is very important to make sure he knows the importance of performing thorough inspections and repairs for your fleet vehicles. The repairs and inspections are only good as the technician performing it ruling out any shortcuts that might be taken. Having a quality in house automotive technician will help reduce the amount of repairs and breakdowns keeping your vehicles on the road.

If you decide you want to outsource your fleet vehicle repairs it is recommended to use a local automotive repair shop that specializes in fleet vehicle repairs. Once you have decided on a repair facility it is a good idea to meet the service manager and discuss your service requirements such as scheduled intervals, expectations and turn around time. It is also a good idea to supply your service manager with a preventative maintenance check list that they should follow for each vehicle. Many fleet service repair shops focus on breakdown maintenance and not preventative maintenance. Make sure you let the service manager know what the exact expectations you are looking for to keep your fleet vehicles up and running. Since you are bringing them several vehicles to be serviced it is important to ask for a fleet vehicle discount on both maintenance and parts.

Most of your maintenance jobs should be preventive maintenance. This is a reassurance that the vehicles are being checked periodically to minimize the amount of repairs that can occur and reduce your overall cost.

Since repair and maintenance cost are an operating expense, your fleet manger should track fuel, labor, parts, and collisions to determine which vehicles are costing you the most money. This allows the fleet manager to make the necessary decisions regarding each vehicle for replacement and efficiency. Having a fleet vehicle that is maintained properly will provide the lowest operating cost versus a vehicle that is prone to costly breakdowns.