07 Oct

Improving The Suspension For Your Motorhome

The suspension system in today’s motorhomes are very complex and lead to a variety of factors and qualities that go into the level of motorhome you purchase. Most factory motorhomes will have lower quality components on them in order to keep the overall cost of the motorhome down. One of these components are the shock absorbers. Many manufacturers will leave off components on there lower and mid level RV’s that they will include on there higher level motorhomes such as air bag suspension and high quality shocks.

If your motorhome has a harsh bumpy ride to it, wanders down the road or tracks poorly through the curves, you may want to consider an aftermarket ride enhancement kit. These kits will be custom designed for your coach and improve the ride dramatically. The enhancement kits normally include specially valved shock absorbers, new air bags, sway bars and ping tanks. Once the ride enhancement kit is installed you will think you have a new motorhome and will probably handle better than most new coaches.

If you spend a lot of time in your motorhome and want to improve the handling of your coach then you definitely want to consider a ride enhancement kit for both safety and comfort. Most kits can be found in any RV store that sells aftermarket parts.